Mark Kraus 尚武 (markthepoet) wrote in reasonmaster,
Mark Kraus 尚武

Email regarding the "Love is Selfish" essay

Email from Fork and Spoon:

Hello. I'm a 16 year old girl with sleeping problems. The mind goes to odd places in the dark hours of the night. My hands followed accordingly and typed up something, When I type things that may actually be of importance, it usually happens at night after 12 am. This is unfortunate because a few hours after 12 I go into a dazed/nearly-delirious and ranting state. Doesn't make for good essays (though this one English teacher of mine seemed to like it...she was odd.) After typing up my entry, though I should've done it before, I typed in "love is selfish" in Google and got many results about a person named Ayn Rand (whose books I look forward to reading). And I eventually found a link to you as well. I'm fascinated by what you wrote about love. I feel better that someone has/had the same idea about love being a selfish thing. However, I'm still not sure what my conclusion is exactly; it keeps changing and I end up in these viscious loops, you see.

I've never "been in love", nor have I gotten close to it. I've never really had an interest in it. I've always thought of it as a masochistic thing to do. I don't even really intend on having a romantic relationship with anyone but already I'm torturing myself with love. This thing they call love has been around for centuries yet it's still one of the world's mysterious. There's so many situations, so many's making my head hurt. If it hasn't been solved by now I doubt have much chance of figuring it out on my own at home in front of this computer.

I just want to thank you for thinking and writing and sharing. I wish you the best luck with yourself and I hope for happiness in your life.

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