Mark Kraus 尚武 (markthepoet) wrote in reasonmaster,
Mark Kraus 尚武

Good bye ReasonMaster.Net

After several years of failure to accomplish it's goals, I will be closing ReasonMaster.Net.

This is not the death of my business, however. In it's place I'm erecting Mark E Kraus Consulting. The new website will be
The site is not up and active yet but the domain name has been purchased and reserved. I will begin making the pages for the site this week in my spare time.

Here is what Mark E Kraus Consulting has to offer:

Full range of information technology consulting from start to finsh including the processes of consulting, purchasing, installing, configuring, maintaining, programming, networking, advanced and specialized features and options, and documentation

Marriage services that including small and basic wedding planning. Ceremonies specializing in traditional and nonunconventional/counterculture weddings-traditional Christian weddings, Specialty weddings, and unconventional/counter culture weddings.
Also availble for baptizing, union ceremonies, and christenings.

Other services include research and informational services such as small market analysis, statistics, studies, informative rhetoric, small business consulting,  process and technical documentation, and small scale or web based publishing.

My goal is to maintain a level of 99% client statisfaction, immediate or realtime responsiveness to clients' needs, and going above and beyone the call of duty to create loyal and trusting clients. If there is a service not offered it will be outsourced or sought out with the same vigor and responsiveness found in all offered services.

Mark E Kraus Consulting
Answers to questions, solutions to problems.

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